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Everyone wants perfect health in San Diego but with the number of smokers rising, it’s hard to achieve perfection. However, there are actually many who want to give up smoking and lead a healthier lifestyle. One of the biggest problems with giving up smoking is smokers lose the buzz that comes with it and its all down to nicotine which is why more are looking for a replacement solution. Many are now looking to replace smoking with electronic cigarettes but are they a help or a hazard?

E Cigarettes Can Help Smokers Stop Smoking Real Cigarettes

One of the best ways the electronic cigarettes can be of tremendous use, is they can actually help someone stop smoking real cigarettes. This is an amazing achievement because real cigarettes are extremely harmful. Smokers can reduce their intake of standard cigs and replace them with the electronic cigs allowing smokers the chance to quit the real thing. Read More at deals or duds

San Diego Electronic Cigarettes Can Become Addictive

Most people think when they replace a real cigarette with a fake cigarette; it means they are cured of their smoking addiction or habit, however, that isn’t exactly true. Yes, someone may have given up the real cigs but they are still using artificial cigarettes. In fact, electronic cigarettes in San Diego can be very addictive because there are still chemicals used in e-cigs, although the dosages are much smaller.continue reading here!

• Diethylene Glycol

• Nicotine Can Be Used

These are both dangerous things for the human body because nicotine is addictive and diethylene glycol is harmful to the body. The dosages may be small but that doesn’t mean they still don’t pose a risk to people.

Chemicals Are Still Problematic

There are still many bad substances found in e-cigs which are found in tobacco products like carcinogens. Many of these substances can be extremely bad for the human body and even though the amounts found are reduced greatly, they are still present. Using the electronic cigarettes may seem to be excellent but they do still hold some dangerous elements to them which many aren’t aware of.

elctronic cigarettes

E-Cigs Can Appeal To Young People

A potentially bad element or drawback of the e-cigs has to be the fact that many young people are watching smokers use the e-cig only for them to believe they are cool. This can lead to young people taking up the e cigarettes and end up smoking. It’s a big problem and one that needs to be thought about greatly because it can actually encourage those who don’t smoke to think it’s a good way to be in the ‘in-crowd’ and take up smoking.

E-Cigs Come In All Shapes and Sizes

Everyone will have their own opinion over whether the e-cigs really provide the better solution when quitting smoking. In many ways these cigarettes are excellent because they can help someone to give up the nasty habit of smoking. However, there hasn’t been enough done to look at the health and safety side of things. They still offer lots of qualities but at the same time, there is still nicotine and other harmful products found within e-cig, albeit, in smaller doses. Your health comes first, so think carefully!

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