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There are many people using electronic cigarettes in Memphis than ever before. The electronic or e-cigs do look like the more tempting option when it comes to giving up smoking especially since they look and feel like a real cig without many of the risks. However, many use them but aren’t aware of the risks that come with them. There are thousands who don’t really know how safe the e-cigs are, so how safe are electronic cigarettes?

What Are E-Cigs?

Electronic cigarettes are simply an electronic device which has been made to resemble a real cigarette. It uses and LCD light to produce a light effect on the tip of the device and it creates artificial smoke. This has been used in recent years to try and help those who wish to stop smoking the chance to do so. These devices look like real cigarettes but don’t usually come with any of the nasty effects from them.

E Cigarettes in New York Are Tobacco Free

One of the biggest advantages of the electronic cig is that they don’t come with any tobacco ingredients. The products come tobacco free which is of course amazing because it means the risks associated with smoking are reduced greatly. All e-cigs come tobacco free which is of course very good for anyone’s health.

Amounts of Harmful Chemicals Are Lower Than Real Cigs

There is always going to be a little risk associated with e-cigs and to be honest, it’s natural because everything carries a risk. However, the amount or levels of chemicals found within the e-cigs that are harmful to the human body are thought to be considerably lower than in a real cigarette. If this is true, that does help greatly and it seems a little safe to use these if the harmful chemicals are really in small amounts. The e cigarettes in New York can be safe to use if the chemicals are gone.

It May Attract Nicotine Addicts

However, e-cig cartridges can still contain nicotine within them which does provide a problem. The safe element slips a little because nicotine is addictive and even though someone intends to use the electronic cigarettes to stop smoking, they can become addicted to nicotine. Remember, nicotine can provide people with a certain buzz and unbeknownst to the user, the e-cig could cause users to rely on e-cigs to get the fix of nicotine.

• Heavy Smokers Can Be Easily Addicted To Nicotine Products With E-Cigs.

• Light Users May Find They Use The Products More.

Young Adults Can Rely On E-Cigs Because They Aren’t Used To The Feeling.

These are a few problems that may cause the safety of the e-cigs to be in doubt. However, there have been a few cases where smokers find they become dependent on the e cigarettes in New York because they use nicotine cartridges.

safe electronics cigarettes

Too Much Appeal To Be Safe

Like real cigarettes, the e-cigarettes are going to appeal to the younger generation. Many children and young adults will want to feel as though they are keeping up with the times and may look at e-cigs. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t safe to use but it does mean there is too much doubt. There needs to be more tests in order to prove or disprove whether the e cigarettes are safe because they seem safe but there is talk they pose a risk.

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