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The big picture with electronic scigarette isn’t exactly as clear as day; it’s in fact cloudy, foggy and stormy! It’s true, there is so much confusion and talk about the e-cigs and whether they are safe enough to use. However, there are many experts who are optimistic about the e cigarette and its true potential because if it is a good solution, it may end up saving hundreds of lives each year. What are the promises and challenges of the electronic cigarette?

The Promise of Being Able To Effectively Give Up Smoking

One of the promises and in some ways, challenges of the e cigarettes in Dallas, is whether they will be able to help someone give up smoking. Everyone is different as well as their smoking habits so being able to offer a new quit smoking method may prove to be much difficult. However, in many ways it looks very promising because it offers every smoker the chance to give up. There are no time limits for this to work and even if it takes someone a year or more to give up, the e-cig may offer much needed assistance.

Will E-Cigs Be A Healthy And Safe Alternative To Smoking?

In all honesty, it does look as though the e-cigs are much better than using the real cigarettes. The reason why is simply because there isn’t any tobacco found within the e-cigs and they don’t offer too many dangerous chemicals either. However, they are not without risk because they can still contain nicotine which is addictive – very much so – but when compared to real cigs, the e-cig looks much better for your health.

Third Gen E-Cigs Causing Problems

However, there are now second and third generation electronic cigarettes in Dallas which are causing a few problems. The reason why is simply because these newer products are much more customized and offer bigger doses of nicotine. That can be bad for the body because nicotine is too addictive and even though who only use the products a few times a day can find they are drawn more due to the high nicotine content.

Better Safety Guidelines and Clarity

There does need to be clarity over the safety of these electronic cigarettes. Too much confusion reigns and it may mean those looking for a solution to help them miss out. The e-cig industry does need to ensure there are much better guidelines so that the quality of every product sold is high and that people can be sure what they are using is in fact safe. This is a massive challenge the industry is facing but it’s important for these things to be answered.

What Do E-Cigs Really Offer?

• The Ability To Stop Smoking

• The Ability To Cut Out Tobacco Products

• The Ability To Reduce The Amount Of Cigarettes Being Smoked

These are the things that the e-cig industry needs to excel in because that is their main goal. People need to be able to use the products to help them quit smoking as well as be able to reduce the amount of normal cigarettes they smoke and hopefully stop altogether without relying on the e-cigs too much. It’s not only important to say health is important but also to prove health is their first priority and not profit!


The Bar Has To Be Reached

If these e-cigs are going to be used by millions, they must be the best solution otherwise they are a waste of time and money. The truth is that there is so much confusion with these and unless things are clarified and cleared up, no one will really know if the e-cigs are worth trying. For hundreds they are great tools to help give up smoking but for hundreds of others they see a danger. The electronic cigarettes face a long uphill battle.

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