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electronic-cigarettesIn the quest to support the global call to stop smoking, manufacturers have come up with electronic cigarettes as a substitute to the real cigarette stick. The use of this alternative cigarette is not free from being criticized from the purist perspective, but smokers find e-cigarettes liberating, according to www.aussie-ecigarette-reviews. However, with so many brands of this kind of cigarette that is in the market today, picking the less harmful brand is daunting.

The E-Cigarettes In The Market

1. The “low-end” type, is the category that the experts said a “Cig-A like.” This kind of e-cigarette, according to the findings, from a study conducted by University California Riverside, contained heavy metals, which is bad for the health. Metal such as tin, nickel and copper in an a huge amount is detrimental to one’s health. According to the American Foundry Society, prolonged inhalation or repeated exposure to these metals can cause health problems. Tin can cause respiratory irritation and may cause distinctive changes to the lobes of the lung. Nickel exposure over a long period can cause lung and nasal cancer, and excessive copper exposure can cause gastrointestinal tract irritation as well as nose and throat irritation.

2. The Mid-range e-cigarette is dubbed as the Ego-styled e-cigarette also found at the convenient stores. According to the study, the mid-range is also like the high-end electro cigarettes; it only contained low-traced of metals.

Price Range

The price difference between the two e-cigs greatly varies. Currently, the tag for the low-end e-cig is at $5, and the mid-range e-cigs are pricier. Mostly, the users of e-cig purchase the kit, like the basic starter kit, wherein it contains the lithium battery, tobacco cartridges, usb charger, wall charger, manual and perhaps a membership card. The price for this type of kit is roughly around $79+. There are many other kits, like the Pro-kit, disposable kits that are offered offline and online.

Nicotine and Non-nicotine

Now, depending on the smoker’s preference, there is the e-cig that contains nicotine and the non-nicotine as well. The nicotine is addictive just like the real cigarette and as such the use of this type of e-cig should be in accordance to the therapist advice. Likewise, users with pre-existing medical conditions, like diabetes, high blood pressure or asthma should need medical consultation before buying any e-cig kit.

Where To Purchase

The next to weigh in purchasing the e-cigs is the venue. There are many shops online that sell this type of cigarette, the kit and the refill and all other accessories for the e-cig. Convenience wise, the online platform is very accessible, and the items are delivered on time. On the other hand, there are offline shops that also retail the refill and sell the e-cig kit.

From the above information, it follows that the mid-range types of electronic cigarettes are less harmful to the health. The price is expensive compared to the low-end type. However, before buying any e-cig it is necessary to get a sound advice first from the medical doctor just to be sure. The e-cigs are not in any means a form of treatment to smoking addiction. But a safe alternative to the real cigarettes, which contained a lot of harmful chemicals that can cause cancer to the smoker, and to the people exposed to the smoke excessively.

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